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Data Liquidity: Underpinning a New Healthcare Data Economy and Health 3.0

By Doug Bulleit There was a comically effective Jiffy Lube ad from the late 1990s that depicted a crowd in the street demonstrating for change ...
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Dang, what’s my password?

By Tom Danner Hey, when was the last time you forgot a password? Had to do a password reset? Received an unwelcome phishing message? Well, ...
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Webinar Highlights: Making Health 3.0 at the Edge a Reality with Nokia and Nokia Bell Labs

On April 14th, 2022, Equideum Health hosted a roundtable webinar with Nokia and Nokia Bell Labs. The session was moderated by Heather Leigh Flannery, Founder ...
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Highlights from the British Blockchain Association’s 4th Blockchain International Scientific Conference: Blockchain is “Right Here, Right now”; Views on Patient Data, Consents and NFTs; and Best Abstracts

By Anna Beer On March 14th the British Blockchain Association (BBA) held a virtual conference advocating for Evidence-Based Blockchain. Throughout the highly successful event, recent ...
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What Constitutes Health 3.0 – aka Ownership Health?

Alex Cahana, MD Firstly, how did we get here? Health 1.0 (2008-2016) might also be called “Access Health”, where in an early digital age mostly ...
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How the VICI Initiative is Connecting a Fragmented Ecosystem to Benefit Veterans and their Families

Today, many of us are familiar with the myriad of government programs, such as the Veterans Affairs, more commonly known as the VA, and the ...
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