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ConsenSys Health is now Equideum Health

SIMBA Chain and Equideum Health Announce Partnership To Build Web3 Health Data Exchange

SIMBA Chain is announcing a new partnership for the global healthcare and life sciences industry with Equideum Health, the Web3 and blockchain-powered health company formerly known as ConsenSys Health. The collaboration aims to significantly enhance global healthcare by building a decentralized marketplace, dubbed the Equideum Exchange, for empowering individuals to monetize health and health-relevant data about them.

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Blockchain-based solutions aim to address US disaster relief

Various blockchain solutions are being used by organizations and enterprises to create efficiencies for United States disaster relief efforts.

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How healthcare is using blockchain and what’s slowing its adoption — a chief scientific officer’s perspective

Ever since bitcoin hit the scene in the late 2000s, leaders in a variety of industries have been exploring how the data technology can improve their businesses. Healthcare is no exception.

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Nokia Bell Labs and Equideum Partner to aggregate, optimize and analyze health data

The announcement focuses on edge computing to handle large volumes of data locally and to ensure privacy for individuals. By GlobalData Technology Nokia Bell Labs and …

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The Future of Clinical Trials is Decentralized. And Better, Faster, Cheaper

By Joseph Wood, MD, PhD, VP, Decentralized Trials and Virtual Health, Equideum Health Clinical trials are the gold standard research methodology for developing new medical …

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Nokia Bell Labs partners Equideum Health for cognitive augmentation using blockchain

Equideum Health (formerly ConsenSys Health) has partnered with Nokia Bell Labs to research cognitive augmentation using blockchain combined with AI and edge devices such as earpieces, smartwatches, and home …

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