ConsenSys Health and Dixon Center Launch VICI Initiative for Veterans’ Health with Support from Global Blockchain Ventures

December 15, 2021, New York, NY – ConsenSys Health, a company creating decentralized patient-centric healthcare networks, and Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services, a non-profit resource for individuals, organizations, and communities focused on the long-term wellbeing of veterans and their families, today announced the VICI (Veterans Incentivized Coordination and Integration) initiative to build a decentralized health and social services network underpinned by next generation privacy protection. Global Blockchain Ventures, a specialized venture capital fund, has agreed to become the lead investor for the initiative.

VICI will convene a consortium of enterprise stakeholders to focus on the unique healthcare needs of veterans, their families and caregivers. ConsenSys Health’s Elevated ComputeTM platform will enable coordination across the organizational boundaries of these stakeholders, optimizing delivery of health services for improved outcomes while ensuring veterans have fine-grained control over their health and health-relevant data.

Importantly, VICI will introduce a new mechanism for either remuneration or donation if veterans choose to provide fine-grained consent for use of their data, such as for academic or clinical research. VICI’s provisioning of decentralized federated AI-driven predictive capabilities, as well as privacy-preserving matching for clinical trials, will support veterans’ health and accelerate the potential of creating and delivering innovative precision therapies.

Elevated Compute combines ConsenSys Health’s proprietary and open source technologies, including federated machine learning, blockchain and confidential computing, with software to coordinate verifiable fine-grained consent via the company’s recent acquisition of FHIRBlocks. VICI is the first implementation of Elevated Compute as a Data Integrity and Learning Network (DILN). Additional DILNs are being organized to address the needs of specific patient populations, to advance research and care delivery around specific disease states or conditions, and to serve the needs of specific geographic areas via Health Utility Grids (HUGs).

According to Heather Leigh Flannery, Founder and CEO of ConsenSys Health, “Currently in the United States, veterans’ health is negatively impacted by the highly fragmented nature of healthcare delivery and breakdowns during care transitions. The VICI initiative will match, orchestrate, optimize, and personalize veterans-facing health and social services, empowering participating veterans and their families at the center of a newly integrated ecosystem.”

“Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services is focused on the long-term wellbeing of our veterans and their families through our primary pillars of ‘Work with Purpose, Heal with Honor, Live with Hope,’” says Colonel Sam Whitehurst, US Army (Retired), Dixon Center Vice President, Programs and Services. “Through our partnership with ConsenSys Health on the VICI initiative, we are bringing some of the most cutting-edge technology to bear to enhance this mission and to prioritize veterans and their families in receiving the benefits of these advances.”

“Global Blockchain Ventures is proud to be the lead investor in VICI and emphatically supports its mission to rapidly improve the health outcomes of our nation’s veterans. We are excited by its use of ‘A-B-C’ — AI, Blockchain and Cybersecurity for Privacy. We see the strong potential of the technology platform underpinning VICI to address other chronic healthcare pain points globally. Our combined, strategic public-private partnership model with other investors, nonprofits and public programs will help turn that potential into reality,” says David Metcalf, PhD, General Partner & Managing Director at Global Blockchain Ventures.

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About ConsenSys Health

ConsenSys Health, a ConsenSys Mesh portfolio company, is building next generation critical infrastructure for healthcare and life sciences. Their Elevated ComputeTM platform leverages decentralized AI, blockchain and confidential computing to accelerate the deployment of applications that address chronic industry pain points. A founding member of the Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance, ConsenSys Health is focused on privacy-preserving clinical trials matching, e-consent, and precision medicine applications. They partner with advocacy groups to prioritize enhancing the wellbeing of underserved populations.

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About Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services

Dixon Center is a resource for individuals, organizations, and communities interested in the long-term wellbeing of our veterans and their families. We use influence, ideas, and actions to assist direct service providers transform the lives of service members, veterans, and their families, ensuring they reach their full potential.
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About Global Blockchain Ventures

GBV is a blockchain technology focused venture capital fund, specializing in blockchain enabled applications within synergistic technology platforms including Internet of Things, MedTech, and Artificial Intelligence. GBV sees blockchain technology (DLT) as a fascinating foundational technology that will spur innovation and advancements across all industries. Blockchain technology, in many cases, is not a competitor to existing technology but rather a structural, beneficial stimulant that will ultimately converge with other technology. GBV’s mission is to fund and support the most disruptive and promising projects that demonstrate and offer practical blockchain enabled solutions that benefit the global economy.

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