ConsenSys Health Announces Elevated Compute (TM) Platform to Address Chronic Healthcare and Life Sciences Pain Points

Convergence of Blockchain, Decentralized AI and Confidential Computing to be highlighted at HIMSS21 conference and exhibition.

Austin, TX, Aug 3, 2021 – ConsenSys Health, the leader in delivering next-generation infrastructure for healthcare and life sciences, today announced its Elevated Compute platform, leveraging converging technologies – blockchain, decentralized AI and confidential computing, towards a new future of federated health data. The company will be demonstrating the platform and applications built on it at the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition, taking place from August 9 to 13 in Las Vegas, NV.

Elevated Compute is already providing core functionality for customized solutions being developed for the company’s customers and partners and has also been adopted as the technical underpinning of a range of ConsenSys Health decentralized applications (dApps) set for release in 2021-22. Initial dApps are focused on precision medicine, value-based agreements and clinical trials management, while cooperative interaction with public and private partners is shaping future advanced applications.

The Elevated Compute platform represents an innovative usage of converging technologies and the first commercially available combination of them to target chronic healthcare and life sciences pain points. The platform comprises three core elements:

  • Hybridized Blockchain 2.0 – allows smart contracts running on multiple interoperable blockchains to provide secure automation across organizational boundaries
  • Next-Gen Decentralized AI – provides a set of novel approaches to AI that follow the transition of data gravity to the edge
  • Trusted Privacy-in-Depth – delivers different aspects of advanced privacy preservation, combined with trusted, verifiable and confidential computing

Said Heather Flannery, Founder and CEO of ConsenSys Health: “ConsenSys Health is reimagining healthcare and life sciences, and Elevated Compute is our toolbox to achieve that vision. We are absolutely fans of blockchain, but we recognize that it is necessary but not sufficient for transforming these industries towards patient centric health. Additional technologies are required to achieve that, and Elevated Compute is the complete toolbox.”

Sean Manion, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of ConsenSys Health, added: “It is the carefully-orchestrated symphony of these individually innovative technologies that creates unique and powerful solutions to improve health outcomes, increase patient access, lower the cost of care delivery, and enhance community health collaboration. We are moving towards a new paradigm in federated health data, deploying the analytics and learning algorithms while keeping health data securely at rest yet accessible.”

As ConsenSys Health and its partners continue to develop tools for application to health and life sciences, it envisions a not-so-distant future where the time from “bench to bedside,” the time it takes to bring new evidenced-medicine into practice, is counted in days and not years.

ConsenSys Health will be articulating its reimagination vision, showcasing Elevated Compute and previewing applications built with it at HIMSS21 from August 9 through 13. Come to booth 2037 in the Sands Expo Center to learn more and to discuss your specific challenges.

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ConsenSys Health leverages converging technologies, including blockchain, federated machine learning and confidential computing, to reimagine healthcare and life sciences. The company builds interoperable blockchain, AI and privacy-preserving value-based solutions that are protocol agnostic to address chronic pain points including cybersecurity, compliance, privacy, bioethics and identity.

The company is a leading member of several industry organizations, including ACT-IAC, the Decentralized Trials Research Alliance, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, HIMSS, Hyperledger, IEEE, INCITS, ISO and Linux Foundation Public Health. It is also working toward the implementation and synchronization of the United Nations’ SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).  Follow ConsenSys Health on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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For further information please contact:

Betsy Dalton, ConsenSys Health

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