Our Team

Our Team

Heather Flannery

Founder + CEO

Washington DC-Baltimore Area

Sean Manion, PhD Chief Scientific Officer

Sean Manion, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer and FNO Coordination Lead

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Bill Gleim

Bill Gleim, MS

Chief Technology Officer

San Diego, California

Debbie Bucci

Debbie Bucci

chief data officer

Bethesda, Maryland

Lee Phillips

Lee Phillips

Chief Marketing Officer (Acting)

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Robert Popovian, PharmD, MS

Vice President, Health Economics and Policy

Washington, District of Columbia

Bill Watson


Phoenix, Arizona

Pierre Vigilance

Pierre Vigilance, MD, MPH

Executive Director, Equideum Health Foundation

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Doug Bulleit

Vice President, Consumer Lines of Business

Atlanta, Georgia

Verena Kallhoff, PhD, MBA Managing Director, Machine Learning Lab & Institute for Foundations of Machine Learning at The University of Texas at Austin

Verena Kallhoff, Ph.D., MBA

Vice President, Omics and Precision Health

Director, Data Integrity and Learning Network (DILN) Business Operations

Austin, Texas

Tom Danner

Vice President, Integration Engineering

Senior Technical Fellow

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colonel Joe Wood, MD, PhD, USA (Ret.)

Vice President of Decentralized Trials and Virtual Health

Executive director of veterans incentivized coordination & integration (VICI) initiative

Groveton, New Hampshire

Anna Beer, MSc

Product Manager, AI Portfolio

London, United Kingdom

Randall Mitchell

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Engineer

Los Angeles, California

Betsy Dalton

Betsy Dalton

Director of Operations /
Executive Assistant to the CEO

Charleston, South Carolina

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